Pulp Dental System

What is Pulp Dental System and its core capability?

  • Pulp Dental System is developed to collect the patient information in a systematic format so that every clinician captures uniform information.
  • It is patient centered system where different roles will be orbiting at different levels of responsibility.
  • The core system considers patient’s health and habits in the past and present, so that the doctor and the patient can understand the outcome and prognosis of the treatment.

What we do with patient data?

  • To educate the patient
  • To deliver quality treatment
  • To generate real-time audits and reports for organizations
  • It helps the public services for budgeting

Treatment Code Generation:

  • System generates unique treatment codes with a date tag to that particular patient enabling tracking of treatment cycle.
  • Organizations use this information to avoid repeated treatments on the same tooth and false claims.

Intelligent Treatment Framework:

  • Introducing Treatment Rules to deliver quality treatment.
  • Treatment rules are configurable and can be applied dynamically

System support and User training:

  • Complete in house system support, user training, manuals and interactive workshops are included.

System migration:

  • HL7 standards throughout the system enabling seamless migration from other system.

Pulp DNA

  • Access and Identity Management
  • Patient Information
  • Dental Assessments
  • Smart Odontogram and Soft tissue mapping
  • Treatment code Generation
  • Realtime audit and Reporting
  • Intelligent Treatment Framework
  • Seamless Workflow Management

Core Capability

How is our system different?

Smart Odontogram and Soft Tissue:

  • Interactive, intelligent and easy to use odontogram, where doctor can plan and visually represent and produce comprehensive treatment plan which is visually comparable to post treatment outcome.
  • Electronic representation of Soft Tissue to give doctor ability to mark and comment interactively.
  • Comprehensive investigations and clinical evaluation procedures are also unique to this product.

Dental Assessments:

  • Specific assessments will dictate the outcome of the treatment.
  • Pulp Dental System assessment standards are based on WHO which enable the system to fit into any part of the world.
  • All our products on request comes with biometrics, facial recognisation and near field communication.

Access and Identity Management:

  • Avoiding Duplicate Logins.
  • Track the activity in real-time and maintain time log.

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