Alina - Beauty at my leisure

We bring the world to you

Why step out when we send experienced beauticians to pamper you in the comfort of your home!

Alina’s Dream - Concept to market

Completely automated, advanced technology paltform provided by AquaCloud made Alina concept a reality. The platform enables true and real time collaboration between Alina customers and beauticians. Easy to use mobile apps delivered Alina’s promise to customers

Beauty at my Leisure

Alina Project Brief

Kids, working women, husband and umpteen number of things to take our time between all this to look your best is not going to be impossible anymore. Taking our time and visiting a solon is passe! Alina offer you all the beauty services at the tap of the finger by our team of expert beauticians to attend to all your grooming needs at your reffered locations.

So all you ladies and Gents get ready to look gorgeous and ravishing at any time and any place because we are here to cater you all your beauty needs.

Alina - Beauty at my leisure

AquaCloud Computing Services Pvt Ltd have equipped ALINA with a very powerful and intelligent application which facilitates:

  • Has a complete system picture through a feature rich dashboard.
  • Can access all reports with charts to give a quick insight. All reports are downloadable in various formats.
  • Can book appointments seamlessly, today tomorrow or any time they wish to.
  • Receives regular updates on the status of booking.
  • Can see details of the beautician who will be visiting them.
  • May add new beauty services to existing orders, cancel ordres etc.
  • Has an interface to take phone bookings.
  • Has role based permissions to view orders, add new services or remove existing services
  • Will be able to view the live location of ALINA beauticians.
  • Are powered with an android app which facilitates them to manage orders, update their availablity and location.
  • Have utmost flexibility in picking an order of their choice.
  • Are provided with a panic button in the app which when triggered will raise a security alert in the system by sending SMSs to concerned authority. The SMS provides the beautician’s details and with their precise GPS location from where the alarm was raised on order to make tracking quick and efficient.

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