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“UrTracks” proves very useful in a number of real time scenarios like tracking valuable vehicles, ensure safety of individuals, providing remote help to people who are caught in some difficulty etc.

“UrTracks” is an enterprise level transportation management system which facilitates an efficient and secure transportation of people / assets involved.

Key Features

  • Registration
  • Bus Tracking
  • Ticket Presentation
  • Ticket Validation
  • Role Based Access
  • Administration
  • Reports
  • Real Time Notifications to Students


  • Integration with Enterprise Directory Services
  • Additional Reports
  • Pricing Model


  • Students Reports
  • Route Reports
  • Point Reports
  • Bus Reports

Ticket Validation

The scanner app is responsible for validating barcodes of those bording the bus. The driver has to scan his barcode to mark the beginning of the journey. Passengers can then get their barcodes validated to enter the bus.

The application consists of:

  • Mobile App for users
  • Scanner App to be tagged with bus.
  • Admin Panel to manage the entire application

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